Managed Backup Services

Every year, unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of dollars. More than ever it’s vital to have a process, like managed data backups, in place to preserve your data, maintain data integrity and keep your business operating smoothly.

After a natural or man-made disaster over 50% of small businesses never recover from the loss of data. For small and large businesses alike, losing data adversely affects customers and employees and can dramatically impact income and brand reputation.

Our Solution…

Our Managed Backup Service delivers nothing less than peace of mind! We accomplish this by reducing your risk and restoring your data as quickly and completely as possible. It’s all about helping you reinforce the integrity and recoverability of your data while relieving you of the headache of building your own backup solution.

We manage the entire backup solution for you!
The initial setup and configuration, tracking successful or failed backups and making configuration changes as needed. Data backups are performed from your server and put onto secure backup media and/or stored in our secure datacenter. Our Managed Backup Technicians monitor backup jobs, perform data restores, change configurations and answer any of your backup questions.

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