supportSpyware, virus & hacking attacks are a fact of life…
Are your business computers at risk?

Unprotected computers run an increased risk of succumbing to attacks from viruses, worms, hackers and internal threats that result in lots of computer system downtime and millions of dollars in world wide clean up costs each year.

Businesses must protect the privacy and integrity of financial and sensitive third-party information or face increasing risk of legislative intervention and legal liability.

The good news is, we can help!

Our computer specialists can…

  • Improve the security of your computer systems and devices
  • Assist in the development of a comprehensive computer security policy for your business
  • Securely backup your data… both onsite and offsite
  • Optimize your office computers for enhanced reliability and performance
  • Install the latest (stable) security patches for your devices
  • Install anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software as needed to maintain a secure computing environment
  • Perform regular virus and spyware scanning
  • Maintain up-to-date software and hardware throughout your office
  • Implement encryption and other security technologies as needed to secure communications between your systems
  • Provide assistance with new technology planning and acquisition
  • Provide iPhone/iPad (iOS) & Android operating system setup and support

Our comprehensive management of your office technologies will help you achieve increased productivity, lower risk, lower total cost of ownership and above all…
Peace of Mind!

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